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Every company's need differ form one another. They are various factors such as size, nature and structure that play a vital role when it comes to identifying the correct digital asset management system.

Digital Transformation

1. As businesses continue to digitise operations, questions arise on how to use technology to streamline the hectic marketing experience

Problem: “We know who was working on it but they left 6 months ago”
Solution: “With the BrandHub and its Intelligent Search function content is at arms reach reducing the need to endlessly reinvent the wheel”

2. Communicating and sharing content during the initial stages of digital transformation can be potholed by narrow communication channels and little oversight of general activities

Problem: “I’ve emailed you the files and you need to upload these into the sign-off system for compliance approval”
“My Share allows for rapid and secure file transfer between users and works in harmony with Activity Management to manage, in sync, the full asset life cycle”

Solutions Comp 1 digital transformation


“Internal teams and agencies are relying on the brand team to address brand principles instead of relying on our new Brand playbook. Draining our resources”

Solution: BrandHub becomes the focal point of your brand, by not only providing dynamic Brand Guidelines but also interactive lessons with corresponding tests, reducing the need for direct Brand team work. Set the passmark at high, to ensure everyone understands the importance of using the brand correctly

Having everything in one place prior to launching your new brand is essential for a smooth adoption and roll out.

Problem: Our initial rollout plan requires all 30 of our locations to adopt our digital brand across all screens and websites. We don’t know how assets can be distributed in good time or with reliability’
BrandHub allows for rapid transcreation and distribution of assets through availability dates, ensuring that content is only accessible during certain windows

Adgistics DAM Brand Hub Asset Details 1

Brand Compliance

Brands are built through consistent and accurate adoption of the brand.

1. Producing digital content en masse without a centralized system results in poor brand expression, without fail.

Problem: “We’re rolling out a national health campaign but regional teams are rehashing old versions of content”
“BrandHub is the single source of truth and actively informs users of what content they should use and adapt, with intelligent user behaviour analysis and keyword subscriptions.”

2. Understanding the true length of the asset life cycle and resource bottlenecks provides enhanced forecasting for future projects.

Problem: “We’re generally happy with the end product of creative campaigns but resource requirements and length of time of tasks are a big question mark."
Activity Management provides full oversight of marketing activities - not only creating clear approval routes, but also enabling analysis of where efficiencies in spend and resource management can be found.

Adgistics DAM Activity Management Dashboard 2

Cost Efficiencies

1. Our BrandHub is all about saving time and money. In fact, we want to measure the value of the content that is in it, to help you get more out of it.

Problem: “I don’t know how effective user-generated content is?”
“With our partnership with Miappi, we make it easier for you to curate, use and measure the effectiveness of UGC or any type of content for that matter!”

2. With our Design Studio, we make it easy for you to make templates of your creative assets - fast. Turn design files with multiple formats for social media, banner ads, and other content into editable brand consistent templates that can be reused by anyone, no design skills needed.

Adgistics DAM Design Studio Image Control 1

Measuring Effectiveness

Data is everything to you, which is why we have redesigned our system to feed our users with insights on the content itself, rather than our tech.

Problem: “I don’t know what content is the most popular?”
“The BrandHub intelligently tracks the number of times a piece of content has been downloaded and automatically recommends the most popular content according to your searches.”

Adgistics DAM Reporting Cube Dashboard

Our Helpdesk

We really take care of our users. We believe service is everything and our Helpdesk is regularly awarded a 99% satisfaction rating from our users.

We believe in the personal touch and with our livechat, you can get our Helpdesk team whatever the weather.

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