Workflow Management Tool

Marketing is a collaborative process and our Activity Management module, users can set up projects where they can assign roles to create, review, sign-off and securely distribute the work that is produced. Users involved in multiple projects can keep track of required actions - both from a dashboard view and by notifications. It becomes much simpler to deliver to brief, on time and on budget.

Activity Management

  • It is a flexible and configurable workflow tool, designed to help marketing departments manage their workload. It provides online approvals management across all business processes, from brief to execution, streamlining interaction between internal stakeholders and agencies and providing a full approval audit trail for each project.

  • Ensuring all your stakeholders work together in a seamless way and help keeps everyone in line and on time.

Adgistics DAM Activity Management Dashboard 2


  • Brand projects cross departments, businesses and borders - as will the teams responsible for delivering them.

  • So make sure everyone can have their say - anytime and anywhere. Our online review, mark-up and feedback tool helps you keep control of the creative process.

  • Mark up, comment and assign tasks.

  • Full version control and notifications.

  • Complete audit trail.

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