Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a digital asset management system (DAM)?

A digital asset management system helps your organisation create, store, collaborate, review, and approve all your creative assets from one platform, centrally. It is a great way to meet your brand guidelines and remain consistent with brand management. A DAM provides a centralised place to access all your important digital assets and content that can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

How can a digital asset management system help my brand develop?

Our DAM solution can help you grow brand value by effectively managing and protecting brand assets. Organising thousands of valuable assets can be a challenge but with an intuitive, efficient system, brand teams can easily access and administer materials. With flexible and intelligent technology our BrandHub adapts to the way you work and maximises the potential of your brand. The BrandHub ensures the value of your brand grows because the promise it embodies is consistently kept, both inside and outside your business. By demonstrating, sharing and celebrating your brand values internally through the Brandhub environment, we have experienced the development of a culture of best practice in the brand application, and the transformation of employees into brand ambassadors.

How can a DAM maximise Return on Investment?

Storing your brands assets in one central location means that time and money can be saved in avoiding distribution. Brand materials are valuable, so protecting them is crucial. A secure digital asset management system can ensure only the right people have access to specific materials, meaning your brand is kept protected from the wrong people. With DAM technology, productivity can be increased, and staff can spend more time being creative, rather than duplicating unnecessary, time consuming work. Automation tools enable template customisation of many marketing materials, generating cost efficiencies and global consistency. Not only a technology platform to store and manage marketing and brand assets, the Brandhub can benefit the wider business. Departments including HR, product design, compliance & partner management are just some of the teams that can gain value from the Brandhub, through the lens of the brand.

Is there any storage limit on the number of assets and users in a digital asset management system?

This varies depending on your provider, within our Brandhub there is no storage limit. We understand the importance of growth, so the system is built to facilitate thousands of users and assets.

How many people are required to manage a DAM system?

The Brandhub fits around the way your team works. Depending on the size, and the business structure, you can tailor the number of administrators, ensuring one or many have access to manage. We recommend having at least one brand champion who can oversee the Brandhub and be a point of contact. We can then help you and your team maximise the potential of the system, suggesting ways in which your brand can grow.

There are several different areas that need to be managed including updating brand materials and administering user permissions. Different departments have the option of utilizing their own brand sub-sites. Each sub site can have its own typeface and administrators, while different permission levels can ensure specific people can manage areas or functions. There are no annoying license requirements per user so you can take advantage of unlimited users, ensuring anyone that needs access to brand materials has it easily.

Can task management fit around each team’s workflow?

Of course! We have a team of brand professionals who work with you to develop a workflow system based around how you work. You can oversee all project/tasks in one simple dashboard experience, allowing a transparent view over all teams and tasks. From briefs, through to creative approval the system can manage every step of a campaign, whether that be large or small.

What security does the system provide for assets and users?

Security levels can be configured for individual assets based on the protection level required. Users are then enabled to see assets linked to the appropriate permission level they have be given. Admins can add usage terms and conditions to assets to ensure they are used in the appropriate manner. With an innovative single sign on system, internal employees can access the Brandhub once they are logged onto their internal system, only filling in their details once. Not only does this provide a secure mechanism for allowing internal users to be logged in when they are on a company system, it provides ease of access for all involved. Agency users are provided with individual accounts and must provide company contacts for reference purposes. Secure password requirements can be implemented along with compulsory password changes after a pre-defined number of days minimise risk of hacking.

Is customer service support available with a digital asset management system?

Absolutely! Our highly skilled brand administrators complement the Brandhub technology to provide a cost-effective solution which helps in your day to day tasks.

Does the DAM system require any plug ins or specific software?

The Brandhub is a browser-based application so you won’t need to start downloading lots of software and clog up your computer! As it is browser based, the Brandhub is designed for global reach, meaning anyone with an Internet provider can jump onto the system in no time.

How can users search for assets?

There are a number of different ways that the Brandhub can enable search, flexible around how you would like your assets managed. Using an intuitive keyword system throughout your library of brand assets can ensure that the user experience is enhanced, making all assets readily available and quickly located. Listed, are further fields that users can search by to effectively locate materials from a library of thousands of assets.

  • Asset name
  • Usage description
  • Asset description
  • Asset security group
  • File type

Creation/Availability dates

How can assets be shared securely?

Users can create baskets with multiple assets in and share them with others through email. Upon sharing, users must agree to the usage terms and set an expiry date for the link so no one can access it after the set date. So, what if you want the basket link to be expired before this date because you have realised you put the wrong file version in? A remove share function makes sure that the basket cannot be accessed again.