How a creative hub protects intellectual properties and helps comply with legal regulations

Posted Apr 23, 2021 by admin

How a creative hub protects intellectual properties and helps comply with legal regulations

With brand’s promoting their solutions and services in multiple markets at once, what is the best way to ensure that not only is intellectual property protected but is also compliant with legal regulations that vary from region to region let alone country to country? By integrating a creative hub, such as the BrandHub, legal compliance and the protection of IP has never been simpler.

Our creative hub, the BrandHub, enables brands to give full access to their intellectual property to departments and partners around the world. Safe in the knowledge that through strict but flexible user rights, always compliant but adaptable artwork, and a creative process that enables maximum collaboration whilst providing complete documented oversight. The BrandHub offers a feature-rich creative hub with everything your teams will need with compliance and protection of brand assets at its core.

Assets made to order in the creative hub, with a side of compliance

One of the most common fears of adopting a creative hub is that it will introduce more hoops for teams and partners to jump through and reduce how responsive the team can be. The BrandHub is designed to not only avoid overcomplicating current procedures but to streamline them. Nowhere is this more obvious than with orderable assets. Every brand has assets that are in high demand, they just seem to have that perfect composition that screams your brand. However, giving everyone access as and when they want it, without any checks to ensure correct usage would lead to issues very quickly. Orderable assets provide an easy solution to this issue by adding those checks into the process. The creative hub enables a brand to provide access to any asset whilst also protecting it use by adding a simple layer of security. Users are requested to submit details of dates the asset will be used as well as what campaign, geographical locations, and type of media the asset is requested for. These requests are then sent to an admin who will grant or deny permissions. This process enables assets to be easily accessible but only to those that meet the brand’s requirement for usage.

The creative hub provides creativity within the rules with automated assets

In order to respond to demands from around the world teams require flexibility, whether that is a change of language, a new image that is more suited for that region or just updating an old campaign. Artwork Automation provides brand teams with unparalleled levels of customisation whilst ensuring that all produces are fully compliant with regulations and usage rights and so protects the intellectual property in use.

Innovation through the creative hub

By implementing the BrandHub and providing the whole organisation with access, brands soon discovery that the adaptability of the BrandHub can lead to improved processes across the whole business. Annotator is a prime example; this feature enables teams to collaborate from any location with documented oversight. We’ve seen departments such as Finance teams utilise this feature when creating new legal documents as it provides the perfect environment to design and track new drafts and edits.

A creative hub like the BrandHub safeguards that every piece of intellectual property available is fully protected thanks to inbuilt measures to ensure no misuse occurs, as well as providing checks to guarantee that the intellectual property is fully compliant with legal regulations, both regionally and globally.


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