Engaging with your brand through a DAM solution

Posted Mar 30, 2021 by admin

Engaging with your brand through a DAM solution

Using a digital asset management system can provide a business with all the guidelines and brand assets in one secure place for easy access at any time. For a DAM solution to be effective it must be intuitive and offer all the tools a professional needs without causing difficulty.

Using single sign on (SSO) within a DAM can be useful to ensure users can easily migrate to a new system or effectively access a system that is already in place. Once the log in details have been provided the system will remember the users account details from their internal log in. An ‘internal’ user only has to sign in once to be able access their account, meaning revisiting the site is a swift, yet secure experience.


Control can be managed through user permissions and asset security levels to grant the appropriate people the correct materials to do their job. This gives users a unique experience while providing the most useful brand tools. It also allows for external parties to access the system and get a feel for the brand, through a restricted view if necessary.


Whether a business is small or large, the volume of branding assets can still prove daunting to a regular user on a DAM system. Implementing a dynamic search functionality is vital for users to find the most appropriate brand assets. Previewing an asset while searching is an easy way to browse through hundreds, before finding the right one. Keywording can be used to link related

assets together, offering users the option to use others that they might not have intended to use.


While ensuring ease of access to many different stakeholders is essential, users must also be able to share assets in the most secure way possible. The use of baskets and sharing via email is an effective way to communicate brand assets while giving the sharer the responsibility over usage rights. Expiry dates can be configured and revoked for individual assets or baskets, ensuring the links cannot be sent on and used past a certain point.

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