Centralising your marketing assets is an integral part when building an engaging brand culture

Posted Mar 30, 2021 by admin

Centralised marketing assets

Over time, a business has invested a lot of time, money and resources into developing marketing assets that help communicate the brand culture effectively. Teams want to eliminate any roadblocks around ‘version control’ by ensuring only the most relevant and up-to-date assets are accessible.

Key stakeholders want to maintain brand standards across the marketing collateral spectrum and regain brand control to administer brand compliance. Local marketing teams can construct marketing campaigns that adhere to the usage rights of marketing assets which are essential to protecting the value of the brand. Once businesses deploy MAM software, it enhances the level of maintenance and governance of these assets. However one of the most common errors is forgetting certain assets ever existed in the first place, as locating a specific asset is a daily obstacle in the marketing world.

Leveraging MAM software can help team audit marketing assets efficiently and analyse across which marketing communications channel did consumer most converse with. Brands want ensure a strong brand consistency and consumers receive the same brand message, in whichever market they engage with the brand. Reviewing your assets allows marketing teams to gain insight into how they can improve the overall campaign effectiveness and better drivé a brand connection in various markets.

Collaborating and sharing large rich marketing assets with agencies, vendors and partners helps to build a collaborative synergy that adds value and brand knowledge to the asset. Getting the brand vision right first is no easy feat and then finding breakthrough ways that bring those marketing assets to life can be tricky.

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