A BrandHub is the ideal support tool for a successful rebranding rollout

Posted Mar 30, 2021 by admin

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A successful rebranding rollout with the BrandHub

In order to guarantee a successful rebranding rollout the main goal is to ensure that all brand content adheres to the new and updated brand principles and is instantaneously accessible for all stakeholders.

Several Adgistics' clients have enlisted Adgistics help whilst going through a rebranding exercise by obtaining a BrandHub that becomes the go-to place for all brand materials once the “updated” brand is launched.

Brands have large quantities of ever-changing content that needs to follow the updated brand, which is where the BrandHub plays a key-role. In the BrandHub stakeholders can educate themselves on the updated brand and therefore ensure that all material is correctly represented, easily access all brand assets and share updated materials. As a brand’s digital and social properties become increasingly content focused, an intuitive, flexible and secure solution is the ideal support tool required.

When a brand goes through a rebranding exercise it is much more than just changing the logo and/or colours. It’s a challenging and demanding process that requires full commitment from all stakeholders within the organisations, for a successful rebranding rollout everyone needs to buy in to the new and updated brand ethos. The innovative functionalities behind a BrandHub ensure a successful rebranding rollout fully avoiding inconsistencies and safeguarding the brand.

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